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HEadshots & Stills

Behind the Scenes & Events

Basking in happiness and sunshine on the set of Live a Little

Directing the extremely talented duo: Sydney Shuck and Sydney Chan

At the PIT's SOLOCOM festival after performing an original solo show

On the set of "Sibs," a Made with Sass Production

Behind the scenes of Flunking Life, a sketch comedy series

Director (Molly), Screenwriter (Zack), and cast (Sydney, Sydney, and Solomon) after winning the Audience Choice Award at Indieworks

Directing and following water safety procedures in Ocean Grove, NJ

"You can't make a movie without cake" - Alfred Hitchcock

Making movie magic in a tiny room on the set of Live a Little

Fun times on the set of Live a Little

Directing talented little ones

Behind the scenes on the set of "Sibs"

On the set of "Sibs"

Performing at SOLOCOM at the PIT