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Molly McGaughey is a creative multi-hyphenate based out of NYC.


Her creative agency Molly Vivian Creative, offers bold, visionary entrepreneurs unique creative direction, custom strategy and coaching and creates compelling comedic video campaigns.


She is an award winning filmmaker, and comedian, and combines her backgrounds in her work as a creative director, content creator and inventive entrepreneur.

Her one-woman shows and comedic performances have been recommended by the New York Times, Time Out New York.

Her directing and producing work has streamed on Amazon Prime and featured worldwide at festivals in New York, London, Toronto, Edmonton, Austin, Los Angeles, Portland, and New Zealand. 

She is also the founder of 3rd Try Design, a company dedicated to providing innovative creative solutions for people with ADHD, Anxiety and sensory sensitivities.

Molly enjoys long walks in the rain, cupcakes, and brainstorming (maybe even all three at once).

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photo credit: the confetti project, Jelena Aleksich

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