Performance Reel/Credits

Directing Credits & Reel



Best of Fest and Best in Acting at CTLPDX International Festival (Portland, OR)

Two-time Audience Choice Award winner at Indieworks (Manhattan) 

68th Street Media Festival Judges Pick (Manhattan)


Shorts Up Selection (London, England)

Broad Humor Fest Selection (Los Angeles, CA)

Short Film Fridays (Brooklyn)

Clean Shorts Fest Selection (Oklahoma City, OK)

New Filmmakers (Manhattan)

Cinevana Fest Selection (Austin, TX)

Undiscovered Countries Festival (Brooklyn)

New Haven Film Festival Panelist (New Haven, CT)




Director----A Little Sacrifice (Hat Trick Bitches Sketch, Seeka TV)

Director----The First Prick (Hat Trick Bitches Sketch, Seeka TV)

Director----Split (web-series)

Director----My Bloody Valentine (episodic)

Director----Don't be a Douche (comedic PSA)

Director----How Not to Talk to People (sketch)

Director----5 in 3 (short)

Director----Think (short)

Director/Producer----Live a Little (short)

Director/Producer/Writer----Can't Afford Therapy (sketch)

Director/Producer/Writer----Post Traumatic Student Debt (comedic PSA)

Director/Producer/Writer----Rom.Dot.Com (webseries, 6 episodes)

Producer----Sibs (short)

Producer----Canon Expo Highlights (sizzle reel)

Producer----The Sitter (short)




LIVE A Little Trailer

A young girl is convinced she will die by the end of the day and must complete her bucket list before it's too late. Directed and produced by Molly McGaughey, written and produced by Zack Marotta. Starring Sydney Shuck.

Post Traumatic Student Debt

A comedic PSA about the trauma of student loans. Written by Molly McGaughey and Truen Kirk. Directed by and co-starring Molly McGaughey.