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Molly McGaughey is a creative multi-hyphenate.


She is an award winning filmmaker, a comedic content creator and an inventive entrepreneur based out of NYC. 


She founded 3rd Try Design, a company dedicated to providing innovative creative solutions for people with ADHD, Anxiety and sensory sensitivities. 


Her one-woman shows and comedic performances have been recommended by the New York Times, Time Out New York, and featured at the People's Improv Theater and various comedy clubs in NYC.


Her directing and producing work has screened worldwide at festivals in New York, London, Toronto, Edmonton, Austin, Los Angeles, Portland, and New Zealand. 

Recent Projects

Split Now Available on Amazon Prime!

Split is a mini-series

directed by Molly McGaughey

& created by Yael Shavitt


An early decision in a young girl’s life creates a split in her world, sending her off into alternate 

futures illustrated by two parallel timelines.


The full series is now streaming on Amazon Prime

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Split's festival screenings include Queerx in West Hollywood, Chicago Arthouse 

Blow Up International (Best Series/TV Episode), Stareable Fest (Best Drama 

nomination), Southern States Indie Fanfilmfest (Best Director and Best Web 

Series nomination), Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema, Golden Door 

International, Harlem International Film Fest, Indieworks, Open World Toronto,Brooklyn Women's Festival, Alt Fest, and Toronto Web Fest.

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